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Is your Medications training 'Fit for Purpose?' 
New blended delivery courses are designed to increase the learning available to your staff, while decreasing the time your staff spend away from the workplace
Why blended delivery? 
Evidence prooves that people gain more from a F2F learning environment where they are able to question and discuss with others, than from online learning where they click through pages. 
Blended delivery gives you the best of both, the reduction in time of staff away from the workplace, whilst still enabling staff to have the F2F experience. 
For information on F2F timing for each course please contact us
We are constantly working to increase and improve the range and delivery of our courses, if you do not see the course you want please contact us. 
Courses currently available: 
Activity Planning 
Assertiveness training  
Autism & challenging behaviour 
Pressure Area Care awareness 
Basic observations 
Bereavement, managing after 
Chair based exercise 
Challenging behaviour, management of 
Confidence building workshop 
Communication issues for people with autism 
Communications issues for people with dementia 
Communiations issues for people after a stroke 
Communication skills 
Compression bandaging 
Continence Management 
Death & Dying 
Depression awareness 
Dehydration, prevention 
Dignity & respect 
Dysphasia awareness 
Dysphagia awareness 
EDEN awareness 
End of life 
Epilepsy & emergency management 
Exercise for people after a stroke 
Exercise for people living in bed 
Exercise for people with dementia 
Fall prevention 
Food Hygiene - Level 1 
Food Hygiene - Level 2 
Heath & safety training 
Infection control & Prevention 
Leg ulcer care 
Lifting & Moving people 
Lone working 
Manual Handling 
Massage therapy 
Medications management 
Pain management without medication 
Personal care 
Person centred care 
Record keeping 
Recording & reporting 
Reflective Practice 
Reflexolgy as a therapy 
Reminiscence therapy 
Risk assessments & management 
Sensory awareness issues for people with autism 
Sensory awareness issues for people with dementia 
Sensory awareness issues for people after a stroke 
Staff conflict, management of 
Team building 
Wound care and tissue viability 
Wound healing 
Visual impairment & its affect 
We operate a simple pricing structure for businesses booking our courses, we charge £200 for a half day and £400 for a full day training for up to 18 attendees, and that's it, no extra hidden charges. 
Blended courses are charged at the same rate for the F2F section and £100 for the distance section. 
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