Clinical courses for Nurses 

All of our modules are available in four different presentations: 
Update / Introduction (2 hours) 
Basic (3 hours) 
In depth (4 hours) 
Expert (6 hours) 
This means that you can choose up to three modules for one days training. 
As usual all of our courses will be personalised to meet your requirements. 

Below is a selection of clinical course we have avaialbel, if you do not see what you require please contact Alex.  

Acquired brain injury 
Care planning for end of life 
Compression bandaging 
Constipation in the elderly (management of) 
Continenece management 
Dehydration, prevention of 
Diabetes and wound management 
Diabetic ulcers 
Dysphasia management 
Ear syringing 
Huntington's chorea update 
Leg ulcer management 
NG tube insertion & management 
Nutrition assessment & management 
McKinley Syringe driver use 


Motor neurone disease update 
Mulitple sclerosis update 
Pain management 
Personlising care 
PICC line management 
Pressure area management 
Sub-cutaneous fluids, use of at end of life 
Stroke and dysphsia 
Stroke and nutrition 
Syringe drivers, use of 
Tracheostomy, care of 
Tracheostomy, prevention of complications 
Wound assessment 
Wound care & Tissue viability 
Association of Healthcare Trainers
We encourage all of our staff and clients to become Dementia Friends 
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National Council for Palliative Care
Advanced Care Planning
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