Advanced Care Planning 

The Gold Standards Framework suggests Advanced Care Planning as an integral part of Palliative / End of Life Care, but do your staff really know: 
What it means? 
How to write one? 
How to open the discussion? 
The difference between an Advanced Statement and an ADRT? 
How to discuss approaching end of life with clients and families? 
Our course will provide the answers to these and many more questions surrounding Advanced Care Planning and enable your staff to start writing effective care plans, whilst providing a caring, supportive and enabling environment for your clients. 

Six Steps Palliative Care Training. 

This programme has been developed to meet the recommendations of the ‘six steps’ detailed in the End of Life Care pathway. It comprises of six 3 hour taught sessions as well as some background reading and reflective exercises. 
Examples of sessions include: 
Being able to assess communication issues such as: How much information do they want? 
Reflective exercise on how we have dealt with the death of a client in the past 
Integrated care plan for use during last hours or days of lif 
Delivery of high quality care 
Dignity, respect and choice 
For further information please contact Alex 

End of life care for clients with Dementia: 

An add on module for the Six Steps course, or can be taken alone. 
Is dementia a terminal illness? 
How to support clients with dementia experiencing pain and anxiety at the end of life 
Communication issues in dementia 
Be able to adapt to meet communication needs of client with dementia 
Support relatives and friends in communication with the client with dementia 
Assess needs and desires of client with dementia at end of life 
Dignity, respect and choice and the client with dementia at the end of life 
Association of Healthcare Trainers
We encourage all of our staff and clients to become Dementia Friends 
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Advanced Care Planning
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